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I initially walked in with a lot of pain and walking bent over like an old lady with a pain level of 6 or 7. After 2 weeks of treatment I started feeling the difference. I could feel the tension releasing in my lower back and hamstrings...

Terry C.

I am 39 & have been dealing with lower back pain being constant 24/7 for 8 years now. I have a slipped disc between L4 & L5. I have seen surgeons, doctors, been to acupuncture, PT, and chiropractors and the best they can do is give me epidural...

Tiffany P.

I am still currently a patient here. But when I started I could barely walk due to 2 herniated discs and more. The pain I had was so intense that it was causing me to faint. I did notice after each session I was improving...

Jessy G.

Dr Bridgett Rosenberg and her staff are professional and caring with each patient that needs a cure from pain in the knee back and spine. I must say it is the most professional doctors office I've visited...

Pete A.

This place is amazing! it's excellent, I recommend 100%. I've tried other chiropractic facilities and nothing like this one! They have excellent equipment that really does work for the pain I had; they have a very friendly team and very welcoming...

Tsiki S.

I am so grateful for finding Spinatomy. I have been in pain for the last two years, taking steroids and pain meds with no results. After about 10 sessions of spinal decompression, I am finally feeling some relief...

Mia F.

Very professional service from the front desk staffing following the chain in command! Well organized, helpful, kind and understanding. Pricilla, their front desk receptionist has been an amazing, professional and humble person...

Selvin G.

An excellent and caring practice, just went in for initial consultation and the doctors gave me a thorough review of what they would do to help relieve me of the chronic pain that I have been enduring for years...

Reiko B.

Very caring and professional staff especially Diana. Very knowledgeable chiropractor,
Dr. Brigitte Rosenberg. Thank you for all the information you guys gave me...

George K.

My first visit was remarkable. The staff welcomed me as if I were a very special person. And the consultation with Dr. Rozenberg was quite thorough..."

Jeanne A.

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