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If you’ve been suffering from back pain for a long time, you may see surgery as the best option for stopping it. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t always successful, as many patients continue to experience pain even after the procedure. This is called failed back surgery syndrome, and it can leave you feeling very uncertain about what you can do next to try and find relief. One option that may come to mind is spinal decompression in Van Nuys – but will that still be an option after surgery? Here are the facts.

Why Back Surgery Can Fail

First, it’s important to understand why back surgery might have failed in the first place. The procedure can be used to decompress a pinched nerve root or stabilize any painful joints. However, these are hardly the only possible reasons for back pain. If the actual cause isn’t correctly identified beforehand, then the pain will continue.

Moreover, there are different kinds of back surgery, and some are more reliable than others. Some have very predictable results, and you can reasonably expect to experience some relief afterwards; other procedures (such as fusion surgery for multi-level lumbar degenerative disease) have much lower chances of success. If your back surgery does ultimately fail, then you’ll need to explore alternative forms of treatment.

Is It Safe to Have Spinal Decompression Done After Back Surgery?

So can you have spinal decompression performed after back surgery? That largely depends on what procedure was performed and what the results were. In some cases, it may still be a viable option, but in others, it may no longer be a good choice. The only way to know for sure is to schedule a consultation with your chiropractor so that they can assess your condition. If you have any MRIs or X-rays of the current state of your spine, bring them with you to your appointment; they may aid with the diagnosis.

It should be noted that regardless of whether you’ve had back surgery or not, there are other conditions that may disqualify you from spinal decompression. In particular, it is not recommended for patients who have suffered fractures, tumors, abdominal aortic aneurysms, or advanced osteoporosis. You may also be disqualified if you have metal implants in your spine. With that said, if you are found to be a candidate, spinal decompression can be an excellent solution for back pain and various other conditions.

Failed back surgery can leave you feeling desperate for relief, but you shouldn’t be hasty. Get in touch with your chiropractor as soon as you can; they can help you figure out whether spinal decompression – or another kind of noninvasive treatment – may be the next best step.


Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg has been providing nonsurgical back pain relief to Van Nuys patients since 1995. She specializes in the field of non-surgical spinal decompression and has recently been appointed to the International Advisory Boards on Spinal Decompression. She is considered a leader in the national chiropractic community and is considered a leader in her field. To schedule an appointment with her at Spinatomy Spine & Disc Center, visit our website or call (818) 938-2132.