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    Knee Decompression

    Knee pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek out medical care. There are a range of knee injuries that can occur, including ligament sprains, muscle strains and bone fractures. If you should experience a knee injury, you may find it difficult to walk, run, or participate in sports activities.

    Although there are various treatment options available for knee injuries, one known as knee decompression should be considered as a possible alternative to traditional knee surgery. Knee decompression involves minimal side effects and a lower risk of complications.

    How It Works

    Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg uses knee decompression therapy to gently create spaces between the top of the tibia (shin bone) and the bottom of the femur, or thigh bone. This leads to a suctioning effect within the knee joint that stimulates the delivery of more nutrient-rich fluid to this area.

    Another effect of knee decompression therapy is that it involves stretching ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues to help reintroduce natural joint space. If you are like most patients, you’ll notice a difference after only one treatment.

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    Meet The Doctor

    Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg

    The physicians and chiropractors at Spinatomy Spine & Disc Centers, led by Dr. Brigitte Rozenberg, are committed to helping patients achieve complete pain relief without undergoing surgeries or taking opioids. We focus on high-quality non-surgical knee decompression for severe chronic pain, helping patients improve the general quality of their lives.

    Your treatment plans are curated by Dr. Rozenberg, a board-certified chiropractor and leader in the national chiropractic community for her immeasurable accomplishments and contributions to the field.

    Knee Decompression Benefits

    • Reduces knee inflammation, offering significant swelling reduction and pain relief
    • Rehydrates soft tissues around the knee, assisting with your recovery
    • Increases range of motion and flexibility of the knee, allowing patients to walk and run
    • Speeds the healing process so that you recover from acute injuries more quickly
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    What Types of Conditions Does Knee Decompression Help With?

    The following are some common types of conditions effectively treated by knee decompression therapy:

    Lateral or Medial Collateral Tear

    Although a complete lateral or medial collateral ligament tear cannot be treated, chronic tears normally respond favorably to knee decompression therapy. Particularly when combined with other therapies, you should notice a positive outcome in only a few weeks.

    ACL or PCL Partial Tear

    Certain types of tears only respond to surgery, while a partial tear normally has a good response to knee decompression therapy, especially when combined with other therapies. If a surgeon informs you that surgery is not required, knee decompression therapy may allow you to speed healing and resume normal activities.

    Total Knee Replacement

    If you underwent a total knee replacement procedure, you may have lost the ability to extend your knee joint fully. Although you typically must wait one year before undergoing a knee decompression following a total knee replacement, you should notice a significant increase in the range of motion of your treated knee.

    Baker's Cyst

    Baker’s cyst is a type of condition involving the development of a cyst behind the knee. It typically occurs following certain types of conditions, such as torn cartilage or arthritis. This leads to a buildup of fluid in the area. These types of patients typically have a favorable response to knee decompression therapy, which helps address the causes of the cyst.

    Meniscus Injury/Tear

    A meniscus is the C-shaped rubbery cartilage that absorbs shock between the shinbone and thighbone. When the meniscus is torn or injured, usually because of forceful twisting or rotation, you might feel like your knee is giving away. This condition can lead to swelling, stiffness, and an inability to straighten the knee.

    Knee Arthritis

    Knee arthritis is a painful condition that leads to pain, swelling, and stiffness of the knee joints. You may suffer from arthritis when the thighbone, shinbone, or kneecap are injured or worn down or if the cartilage that cushions these bones wears away. Knee arthritis is a serious and debilitating problem that must be addressed immediately.

    Knee Osteoarthritis

    Knee osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It happens when the cartilage tissues that act as shock absorbers between the knee joints wear away. Without the cartilage, the surrounding bones grind against each other, leading to severe pain and stiffness. Knee osteoarthritis can also lead to bone spurs that worsen knee pain.

    Knee/Patellar Tendonitis

    Knee tendonitis, also known as patellar tendonitis, is a condition wherein the tendons connecting the patella (kneecap) to the shinbone are injured or damaged. The patellar tendon usually helps you extend your knees while jumping, running, or kicking, so knee tendonitis can lead to considerable limitations in mobility.

    Knee/Patellar Bursitis

    Knee bursitis is a condition wherein the fluid-filled bursa located near the knee joint gets inflamed. The bursa usually acts as a cushion between the tendons and bones. When the bursa is inflamed, you may suffer considerable pain and limitations in your mobility. And your knee may feel swollen, warm, and tender, especially when pressure is applied.

    Knee Pain/Stiffness

    If you experience knee pain/stiffness while walking or using stairs, you may have underlying chondromalacia patella or arthritis. Chondromalacia patella, also known as a runner’s knee, is an overuse injury that occurs when the slippery cartilage lining the back of the knee cap breaks down, leading to joint inflammation and pain while walking and climbing stairs. Knee decompression can address the root cause of this problem.

    What To Expect

    A normal knee decompression treatment session typically takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. You will extend your leg while seated. Your doctor will place a strap over your upper thigh and an inflatable cuff under your knee.

    Your doctor will then program the equipment using the settings appropriate for your individual condition. You will have a feeling of gentle knee joint separation. As this happens, you will likely notice a feeling of tension release, which will happen periodically during the course of your treatment session.

    Which Conditions Do Not Qualify for Knee Decompression Therapy?

    Although knee decompression is helpful for many patients, it is not for everyone. Some types of injuries that are not appropriate for knee decompression are acute ligament injuries, recent fractures, complete ligament tears, and acute meniscus injuries.

    Some other conditions that are not appropriate for knee decompression include knee cancer, blood clots, infections, osteoporosis, and recent knee replacements.

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    What Results Can I Expect After My Knee Decompression?

    If you are like most patients, you should notice significant results following your first few treatments. Your knee decompression treatment may be used in conjunction with other treatments to offer you the quickest and most complete recovery. The number of treatment sessions that you require is dependent upon the severity of your condition and your individual treatment goals.

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